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Leawood Google Fiber Construction

Google Fiber is planning some network installation in our area and we wanted to make sure you knew about it in advance. Of course, they're working directly with the City of Leawood to make sure they follow all local guidance and construction requirements.

Google Fiber expects their work to start in our area in the coming months. Before construction begins, we will get additional notice of the work, either from a small lawn sign placed near your driveway, or in the case a driveway is unavailable, a small sign hung on your front door. Crews contracted on behalf of Google Fiber will be installing fiber optic cabling in the right of way in front of homes.

While we know that this can be inconvenient, Google Fiber will work to minimize disruption as much as possible.

What you can expect to see in our neighborhood:

  • Marks on the ground: Residents will see various colors of paint, flags or other markings on the ground marking where utilities are located. These are required for minimizing conflicts.

  • In-ground box installation: Minimal installation of small underground fiber optic boxes in the right of way in front of homes.

  • Orange construction fencing: Fencing will be installed to secure all open excavation. Once the fencing is removed, the area will be made flat and sod will be placed when appropriate.

For construction-related questions or concerns, including restoration and repair matters, please call Google Fiber’s 24/7 construction line, 1-877-454-6959. For information related to internet service, please contact Google Fiber at 844-36-FIBER or visit


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