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Association Management

The Leawood Homes Association (LHA) board is comprised of a volunteer board of directors that diligently works to provide our homeowners with affordable trash, recycling and yard waste removal, ARC (Architectural Review Committee) services, and maintenance of the many street trees and 49 islands.

2024 Board Members and Committee Members

JoLynn Hobbs, President
Matt Peppes, Vice President, Technology Committee

Bob Wiltshire, Treasurer
Nancy Hull Davidson, Secretary
R. Bruce North, Board Chairperson, Islands Committee
Chris Ashley, Board Chairperson, Architectural Review Committee
Lisa Battani, Board Chairperson, Tree Committee
Mary Franklin, Member-at-Large
Committee members:
John Goehausen, Monument & Islands Committee
Lorie Venneman, Monument & Islands Committee

The board of directors usually meet during the months of February, May, August, and then at the annual meeting in early November to conduct association business. We welcome your input, suggestions in regards to the neighborhood, and any interest you might have in running for a board seat or volunteering on a committee. General decisions are made on association matters at these meetings. A newsletter is sent out in the Fall to keep you updated on association business and to announce the time, date, and location of our annual resident meeting.

Annual meeting: The annual resident meeting is usually held on a weekday evening in early November at a nearby church or meeting place. Your newsletter will provide all this information. At this meeting, the annual budget is presented, any dues increases are voted on, and board members are elected.

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