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Trash / Recycling / Yard Waste

The Leawood Homes Association contracts with a private contractor for trash, yard waste, and recycling. We have contracted with GFL Environmental for this service to each household. Day of collection is Monday.

GFL Environmental 
22820 S. State Route 291
Harrisonville, Missouri 64701
Customer Service email:

IMPORTANT NOTE: GFL limits the amount of trash and recycling that each home can have each week. If you require more than will fit in the provided polycart, you will need to purchase stickers ($1.25/bag). Stickers for additional trash bags may be purchased at the Customer Service Desk at the Hen House in Corinth Square (83rd & Mission) and Camelot Court (Roe Ave. & Town Center Dr.). We suggest that you consider asking your neighbors if they have extra room in their bin. 

Collection Schedule

Collection Schedule (Monday Collection)

GFL Environmental observes 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year's Day as holidays and pick-up will be delayed by one day if regular collection falls on one of those days.

Trash, yard waste for composting and recycling materials will be picked up on the same day each week. All materials should be placed and ready for collection by 7:00 am on your collection day. Bins are not to be put out until after 6 p.m. on Sunday, per City of Leawood regulations.

Trash & Recycling Containers

Trash and Recycling Containers

Each home is provided two 65 gallon containers: one for trash (black lid) and the other for recycling (blue lid). ALL POLYCARTS AND CANS MUST BE STORED IN GARAGES OR ENCLOSED AREAS OUT OF SIGHT.

Note: Cardboard items too large to fit into recycling containers must be flattened and placed adjacent to the recycling bin provided by GFL. Co-mingled recyclable materials should be placed loose, clean and dry in containers, and items must not be bagged.

Acceptable Materials for Recycling

Acceptable Materials for Recycle

Paper: Newspapers and Inserts, Magazines, Brochures, Catalogs, Junk Mail, Envelopes, Office Paper, Construction Paper, Colored Paper, Blueprints, File Folders, Paper Bags, Paperback Books, Phone Books, Holiday/Greeting Cards and Paper Egg Cartons. 

Cardboard: Corrugated Cardboard Boxes and Paperboard Boxes (cereal, soda, beer, egg, and shoe boxes).

Metal: Aluminum Cans and Tin Cans (please flatten when possible), Steel Cans, Empty Aerosol Cans, Balled Aluminum Foil (2" or larger), Aluminum pie pans, Loose Metal Jar Lids, Steel Bottle Caps.

Plastic: Plastics Jugs and Containers marked with the recycling numbers: #1, #2, #4, #5 (most milk, soda, water, juice, shampoo, detergent, and household cleaner bottles and containers), Plastic Tubs.

Food and Beverage Cartons: Gable top and aseptic paper food and beverage cartons that contain products such as milk, juice, creamer, soups, broths, dairy alternatives like almond and soy milks (waxed).

Please flatten all cardboard boxes. Empty and rinse all containers.

Commonly Mistaken Unacceptable Material: Plastic Bags, Styrofoam, Wrapping Paper, Foil Wrapping Paper, Shredded Paper, Styrofoam or Paper-to-go containers, Paper Ream Wrappers, Plastic Microwave Trays, Plastic 6-pack Holders, Plastic other than those listed, Used Pizza Boxes, Coat Hangers, Paint and Solvent Containers, Light Bulbs, Mirrors, Window glass, Ceramics, Glass Bottles, Dishes and Cups, Drinking Glasses, Vases, Pyrex Pans, Wet or Soiled Paper, Frozen Food/Ice Cream/Frozen Juice Containers, Paper Towels, Napkins, Facial and Toilet Tissue, Disposable Plates and Cups, Waxed Paper or Waxed Cardboard Boxes, Scrap Metal, Needles or Syringes, Hazardous or Bio-Hazardous Waste, and Tyvek Envelopes.

 If you have questions regarding recycling, contact Tom Coffman, Government Contracts Manager

with GFL Environmental at 816-787-2382 or email

Yard Waste Service

Yard Waste Service

All yard waste must be put in paper bags, in open trash barrels, or tied up in small bundles. Yard waste is defined as grass clippings, leaves, plants, small shrubs; small limbs less than 4 inches in diameter and 5 feet in length. Members will be limited to 10 bags or bundles of yard waste per week. We suggest you ask your neighbors to share their 10-bag allocation if you have extra bags. All yard waste is to be placed in an approved paper biodegradable collection bag or approved plastic or steel waste container. Bags or container may not exceed 64 gallons in capacity and/or not exceeding 40 pounds in weight. Limbs are to be securely bundled with rope. Bundles should not exceed 24 inches in diameter and 5 foot in length and 60 pounds in weight. All yard waste should be placed within 6 feet of curb on the opposite side of the driveway from trash no later than 7:00 am on the day of collection. Yard waste put in plastic bags will not be taken.

Bulk Item Pickup

Bulk Item Pickup

GFL Environmental will collect one large item per month from all eligible Association households. Bulk items include such household items as that can be readily moved by two people, including mattresses, couches, box springs, chairs, dressers, desks, doors, windows and other household furniture excluding appliances. Bulk items will be collected on the first service day of each month. Please contact GFL Environmental at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled collection day to notify them that you will be placing a large item at the curb for pick-up.

Please remember large appliances (dishwashers, washers, dryers  or water heaters) are NOT included in the monthly bulk items.

Call GFL Environmental 816-380-5234 or 816-380-5595 for details.

In addition, the City of Leawood has clarified its rules relating to trash/recycling bins:

Trash Containers and Storage

We are providing this as a courtesy to our HOA’s as an informative document to encourage compliance with Trash Container Storage in residential neighborhoods.  The below is the City of Leawood’s requirements for Trash Containers and Storage of Trash Containers for One and Two Family Dwellings. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Building & Code Enforcement Department at 913-663-9166.

8-533.​INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE, SECTION 308.1. ACCUMULATION OF RUBBISH OR GARBAGE. Section 308.1 of the IPMC is hereby amended to read as follows: Accumulation of rubbish or garbage. No person shall dump, deposit or store on any property whether owned, dedicated to public use or upon the property of any person, nor to allow to fall or be washed upon any street or upon any property of any other person rubbish, dirt, earth, building materials, debris, refuse, cans, garbage or grass clippings, unless such materials are placed in containers in accordance with Section 8-534 and stored inside a garage or structure. Also, no person shall dump, deposit or store on any property, whether dedicated to public use, property of any person or their own property, junked or otherwise inoperative equipment, vehicles, machinery or appliances. Operable farm equipment or implements which are used in agricultural areas are excluded. All exterior property and premises, and the interior of every structure, shall be free from any accumulation of rubbish or garbage not appropriately stored in accordance with this code.​(Ord. 2302C; 02-04-08)

8-534. ​INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE, SECTION 308.3.2. CONTAINERS. Section 308.3.2 of the IPMC is hereby amended to read as follows: Containers. The operator of every establishment producing garbage shall provide, and at all times cause to be utilized, approved leakproof containers provided with close-fitting covers for the storage of such materials until removed from the premises for disposal.

One and Two Family Residential. Each and every owner, tenant, housekeeper, or other person occupying any one or two family dwelling within the city shall provide and renew when necessary a sufficient number of trash containers of rigid construction with tight fitting covers to hold the trash accumulating there at. Such trash containers shall be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 pm the evening preceding the day on which the trash is anticipated to be collected by the regular trash collection service subscribed to by the occupant or owner.

(Ord. 2302C; 02-04-08) 

Please contact us at with any other questions.

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