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Street Trees

Street trees are trees that were originally planted by the Homes Association within the city street right-of-way (within 10-15 feet from the curb). While the street trees were planted by the association, they are ultimately the homeowner's responsibility.

The Homes Association dues support a rigorous program that helps to maintain a healthy and attractive neighborhood tree population. This also includes the maintenance of lawns and shrubs in the right-of-way where monuments are located.

Trees are an important part of our community's overall environment. Examples of how street trees provide services to our community include:

  • Street trees improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide, filtering out pollutants and providing oxygen.

  • Street trees preserve and enhance the physical and aesthetic environment, buffer noise, and provide attractive screening/privacy.

  • Street trees reduce energy consumption, by shading roofs and streetscapes.

  • Street trees absorb and intercept stormwater and help to reduce flooding and erosion.

  • Street trees provide habitat for wildlife and food for birds and insects.

Leawood Homes Association contracts with a certified and insured professional Arborist company to systematically prune/trim our street trees every four years. Generally tree trimming occurs when the leaves are out so that the dead or diseased limbs and branches can be more easily detected. Some trees however, have to be trimmed at specific time periods to reduce the risk of diseases or insects such as Oak Wilt and Emerald Ash Borer. Limbs and branches are raised approximately 15 feet above the street (to provide clearance for commercial trucks, fire & emergency trucks, and other high-profile vehicles).

The Homes Association tree maintenance program also includes the removal of dead, dangerous or diseased trees (including stump grinding) as well as replacement tree planting where appropriate. We endeavor to follow City of Leawood street tree placement ordinances when planting new trees. Preventative treatments for ash trees to prevent Emerald Ash Borer related death/decline is also included in our program.

Leawood Homes Association Tree Trimming Schedule

If your street tree is dead/dying or has dangerous large dead or hanging/broken limbs, please contact us at so that we can make arrangements for their removal. If the Homes Association plants a replacement tree, please help us keep our neighborhood beautiful by watering newly planted trees for the first few years to improve their survival chances! 

Please contact us at with any other questions.

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